Community Correspondents

Satyawan Verma

Trading in a career as a Sarpanch (village council chief) to liberate the voices of his community wasn’t an easy decision for Satyawan Verma to make, but it was the most beneficial one for him and his community. Foregoing the pressures of politics to become an India Unheard Community Correspondent has enabled Satyawan to combat gender discrimination and caste-based violence as well as instill in the people of his village the importance of education and awareness.

Videos from Satyawan

Burial ground of Dalits snatched by upper caste

/ April 24, 2012

Untouchability stands alive in the burial grounds of this village. The crematorium of the Dalits(lower caste) was illegally occupied by the higher caste because of which now the dalits don’t have a place to bury their deceased. Lack of burial ground has forced the villagers to bury one boy in...

Hands chopped off for quenching thirst: Polluting touch

/ April 17, 2012

When a thirsty youth drank water from a pot meant for other castes, the reaction was immediate and brutal. He was abused, assaulted and his hands were chopped off. Community Correspondent, Satyawan Verma interviews the young man belonging to Chamar community whose hand was chopped off for quenching his thirst....

Traditional Pots Bite the Dust

/ March 26, 2012

Pottery in Haryana suffers without government and popular support.

Alcohol Addiction Consumes Daily Wages

/ February 22, 2012

Women of Mughalpura, Haryana speak out against husbands’ alcohol addiction.

Broken Arms But Not Broken Wings

/ January 2, 2012

Born without arms Madanlal lives and dreams like any other.