Community Correspondents


Alam is a Community Correspondent from Nalanda district, Bihar.

Alam joined Video Volunteers as a VV-PACS Correspondent. He feels that media plays an important role in the development and that the mainstream media often sidelines the needs of marginalised communities. He has seen a lot of discrimination in his village, and therefore wants work on those issues as a video campaigner, amplifying the voices of his own people.

Videos from Alam

No gateposts at railway crossing in Juniar, Bihar

/ February 29, 2016

Lack of gateposts at the railway crossing in Juniar is stirring a turmoil in residents’ life as accidents become more and more frequent. In this video, CC Mister Alam documents their plight and appeals to the viewers to pressurize the Divisional Railway Manager into constructing the required gateposts. Mohammad Mister...

Travelling Atop A Train

/ February 3, 2016

For those who need to travel by train in Juniar, Bihar, there is only one train a day to cater to about 3,000 passengers. With a limited number of bogies. The train comes from Islampur, on its way to Patna. Already crowded. The Juniar passengers scramble to get in, but...

Article 17: Untouchability at the Tea Stall

/ April 14, 2015

“””He gives us tea in a plastic cup, never in a glass cup. he doesn’t want to be polluted by us and says he won’t serve in a glass cup because we are from the dome caste… when we ask for water, they give it in our hands.”” The tea...

637 Student and No toilets

/ November 12, 2014

Community correspondent Mister Alam reports from Ganpati Vigha village in Hilsa block of Nalanda district of Bihar, on the lack of sanitation facilities in the village’s middle school. CALL TO ACTION: Call the Block Education Officer for Hilsa Block of Nalanda district, on +91-9939712741, and demand that construction of toilets...

Flooded Drains; Absconding Officials

/ September 2, 2014

VV-PACS Correspondent Mister Alam reports from Juniyar village, Nalanda District in Bihar where an overflowing drain has become the breeding ground for illnesses jeopardizing the health and safety of families in 400 houses. You can help this community get a clean living environment today. Call to Action: Please call the...