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Pir Azhar

Pir Azhar

Community Correspondent Pir Azharuddin comes from Kupwara District, which is a border area and a sensitive zone. Pir works with Yatin Foundation, which is involved in rehabilitation work with orphans of conflict. As a writer he is interested in exploring the role that alternative media can play in a community ravaged by militancy. There are government schemes in place but they rarely reach the children they are meant for. Through his work, Pir finds there are numerous challenges in getting children access to health & education. Through his camera, he wants to work specifically on these issues and resolve them.

Videos from Pir

Kalaroos: A Mystery in the Mountains of Kupwara

/ November 30, 2018

A set of caves in Kashmir’s Kupwara district may be the key to an ancient, underground passage to Russia; and to archaeological secrets.

Fayaz Ahmad was brutally killed in Kupwara | Azhar Reports for KashmirUnheard

/ November 19, 2015

FEBRUARY 2, 2009Fayaz Ahmad Mir of Khurhama (Kupwara), a tailor, was killed by 18-RR when he came out to attend to the nature’s call during late hours. Pir Azhar reports from kupwara.

Demonetization, Chaos and Closed Banks in Kupwara

/ February 22, 2017

Demonetization has been not very much influencing Kashmiris due to regular shutdowns. But, due to the non – availability of new currency notes at J&K Bank branches in Kupwara, people have been suffering badly.

No ration for Ration card holders in Guzriyal Kupwara | Peer Azhar reports for IndiaUnheard

/ September 11, 2015

The Ration depot situated in Guzriyal, Kupwara is not giving ration to local people even though they have a valid Ration card with them. People travel to Kralpora to buy Rice from the market on higher prices. After complaining to the Divisional Commissioner, he gave the residents a receipt and...

SUCCESS: In Kashmir, a medical centre is functioning again

/ December 25, 2014

An allopathic dispensary in rural Kashmir remained closed most of the time and no doctors were assigned to it. Community Correspondent Peer Azhar reported on the issue and with the help of his community brought change. Now the dispensary stays open for six-days-a-week and paramedical staff visits regularly. While the...