Community Correspondents

Annapurna Kumari

The youngest member of our West Bengal team, Annapurna is from the KurmiMahatocommunity of Purulia . Originally denotified as a tribe in the 50’s, this agrarian community is spread over large areas of Bengal and Jharkhand. They have recently revived their struggle for recognition as a Scheduled Tribe in the early 2000’s. She has been associated with CINI for a few years, and regularly travels across different villages conducting meetings raising awareness about health and gender. Undaunted by her community’s lack of faith in a ‘little girl’, Annapurna knows that tackling issues like lack of access to education, clean drinking water, health services and medical aid will soon mobilize her peoples’ support.

Videos from Annapurna

West Bengal: Water scarcity forces people to ration drinking water

/ July 5, 2016

Annapurna Kumari has been drinking a little water in the past few years, and whatever water she drinks is polluted and unhygienic. Just like her, the 200 other residents of Darikuri Dolashal village, West Bengal, are falling sick in the face of acute water scarcity. So severe is the problem,...

No Shelter for this Anganbari in Joypur, West Bengal

/ March 3, 2016

The ICDS center in Karkara village of Purulia district has been going on beside the road as it has no building of its own. The teacher is constantly afraid of all the big and small vehicles that ply on the road. 150 mothers and children are dependent on this center...

Digital India but hungry Indians

/ December 7, 2015

In March 2015 Mamta Banerjee announced digitised ration cards in the state of West Bengal, estimated to benefit more than five crore people. But for the people of Karkara village which comes under the Purulia district of West Bengal there is no respite. These people have been issued new ration...