Community Correspondents

Satyawan Verma

Trading in a career as a Sarpanch (village council chief) to liberate the voices of his community wasn’t an easy decision for Satyawan Verma to make, but it was the most beneficial one for him and his community. Foregoing the pressures of politics to become an India Unheard Community Correspondent has enabled Satyawan to combat gender discrimination and caste-based violence as well as instill in the people of his village the importance of education and awareness.

Videos from Satyawan

Riot: Who Benefits?

/ October 11, 2010

Dominant groups often use violent forms of protest to press their point. This video from Haryana, India shows how an entire community suffers during such riot.

Legend Frees VillageFrom Smoking

/ September 20, 2010

Residents of Shankarpura, a village in India’s Haryana state follow folk tradition, shun smoking.

Tradition VictimisesHaryana Women

/ September 6, 2010

In a shocking tradition, women in rural Haryana are forced to walk barefoot for 12 days to mourn a death in the family while men can wear shoes.

Children Denied Education

/ May 26, 2010

In this video, Satyawan Verma reports on child labor in Haryana’s brick kilns.