Born on 3 November 1991, in place where employment is a distant dream. She works at Jan Sahas Social Development Society and strives to bring her community forward by spreading awareness on various issues like education, employment and healthcare. She helps in mobilizing the communities, specially women and children of the dalit and socially outcasted/ backward cadre. She also actively participates in Liberation Rallies against oppression of women and discrimination among various agenda. She has 8 people in her household in various occupations. Premlata is the first woman in her family to work and come out even from the social bounds. She is very spirited and dedicated. She also has been involved with the Yuva Vikas Mandal. She is one of the highest wage earners of her community bench marking at 4000Rs and supports half of her family’s needs. Premlata feels that women are more discriminated than most of the castes and backward communities as they are placed at the lowest pedestal of the social structure in her society. She wishes to ensure an overall advocacy on women and children rights so that they can surface and sustain a dignified and free life. She wishes to bring forward the real facets of the issues in her community to the government and bring change at a bigger level, benefitting her community and others that are invariably associated with it.