Community Correspondents

Mani Manickem

Helping others after he himself was assisted is a natural progression for M. Mani, who is working towards becoming his community’s parliamentary representative in the next five years. Between working with Aid India and as an IndiaUnheard Community Correspondent, Mani has education, health, corruption and empowerment covered – and is addressing issues related to them to the benefit of everyone in his community and beyond.

Videos from Mani

Gang Rape in return for love: caste-based violence

/ May 26, 2015

An upper caste boy raped a girl and her mother, along with other 4 men. The girl belonged to lower caste and was not allowed to be involved in a relationship with someone belonging to the upper caste. So, they broke in the girl’s home late at night and started...

Untouchability as practised in Churches

/ May 7, 2012

Christian Dalits are not allowed to sing in churches. They are even buried in separate graves are not allowed to move out of their caste even if they convert. This is a clear sign of caste based discrimination as is practised in many parts of India. This so-called “tradition” exists...

The Dalit Massacre of Paramakudi

/ January 30, 2012

Tamil Nadu Police uses teargas, lathi and guns on unarmed dalit protesters.

Govt. takes away Right to Education

/ November 23, 2011

Government schools in Chennai slums are being closed down by the state.

Dalit Woman Fights for Her People

/ August 31, 2011

An uncommon woman champions her people’s rights and returns land to 120 families.