Community Correspondents

Sarwat Naqvi

Armed with a degree in law, Sarwat Naqvi stepped out from behind the cloak of invisibility he and his Shia Mulsim minority community in Chhattisgarh suffered from to lobby and advocate for the protection and advancement of human rights in marginalized communities. His video, ‘Homosexuals Seek an Identity’, on gay and lesbians in his community compelled members to form a support group. As an IndiaUnheard Community Correspondent, Sarwat is well on his way to developing a platform to voice the unseen and unheard issues of his community.

Videos from Sarwat

I Am not Ashamed of My Periods!

/ March 7, 2014

“If any tradition has an adverse effect on its people, then we should have the right to say no to it.”   Janadai Nag is a trailblazer among the young girls of her community in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh. She is the first girl in her community to have broken the tradition...

More Garbage Than History in Gandhi Park

/ August 8, 2012

Raipur’s prominent open spaces suffer from bad maintenance.

The Sorrow of the Circus

/ June 27, 2012

Future of the Great Indian Circus looks Bleak

The Chingari Women’s Committee Vs. Alcohol

/ May 31, 2012

Victims of alcohol abuse In Chhattisgarh launch a firebrand grassroots movement.

Indian Gods Lose Soul to PoP (Plaster of Paris)

/ March 26, 2012

Traditional artisans of Chhattisgarh are ignored by people and the state