Community Correspondents

Sajad Shah

An announcer with the All India Radio based at the Radio Kashmir’s Srinagar station, Sajad Shah has received a formal training in media with masters in journalism. His voice reverberates all across the valley as Radio still holds the top spot for dissemination of information being a cheap source of media available to the masses. Sajad felt a little bit dissatisfied with what he was doing as he was supposed to work most of the times from within the four walls of the studio. During his free time Sajad has been doing social work by being part of the local community based groups like Auqaf Committee and other such groups, in his native Kulgam town, which look after the widows and orphaned children. As an announcer he is not the one to decide what should be aired on the radio which in-turn can prove beneficial for the common masses, so he joined an organization like Video Volunteers to highlight the issues of his society. He feels media largely doesn’t report all the stories which are a cause of an inconvenience to the general public and many still don’t have access to the media.

Videos from Sajad

Pandit couple have been living with this Muslim Family for last 10 Years in Kashmir

/ February 25, 2016

In a heartening example of communal harmony between Muslims and Pandits in Kashmir, Muslims performed the last rites of Janki Nath (84) who, along with his wife Rani, had been living with a Kashmiri Muslim family for the last 10 years. In 1990, at the time when Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus)...

Flood hit people in Kulgam village left unaided

/ January 11, 2016

Aadi Gutno village of Kulgam District was washed away by September 2014 Kashmir floods. The lack of a concrete protection bund(wall) on the river Vaishoo till date has kept this village vulnerable. Crops, agricultural land, and houses were destroyed the last time River Vaisho breached into the village, putting the...