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Navita Devi

Navita Devi

Navita is aVV-PACS Correspondent from Katihar district in Bihar on the eastern border of India. She has worked with the National Confederation of Dalit Organisations, working towards spreading awareness amongst the Dalit community on issues like access to livelihoods under the government’s Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Katihar is a district plagued by low literacy rates and an abysmal sex ratio. Navita wants to focus her advocacy efforts to bring better lives to her peopleby bringing them access to facilities like education, healthcare and infrastructure.

Videos from Navita


Human Trafficking Racket Brought to a Halt

/ March 28, 2018

When Navita Devi uncovered a massive trafficking racket in Katihar, Bihar, she was threatened by the traffickers and the local village council leader. But thanks to her persistence, a woman responsible for trafficking over a 100 people is finally behind bars. 

Police Apathy and Stigma: Why Human Trafficking in India Continues Unabated

/ July 19, 2017

Everyday over 400 women and children go missing in India. Most of them remain untraced.

Video Volunteers’ Impact: Perpetrators of dowry death brought to justice

/ June 23, 2016

Savitri, 20, was married for just over a year, when her parents brought her battered body home, in the village of Kursi Narayanpur, Bihar. She was sacrificed for the greed of dowry by her husband and in-laws. During the last scuffle of her life, her in-laws along with her husband...

How long shall we build our own bridges?

/ January 29, 2016

Since 1984, the villagers of Maraghia in Bihar have been building their own bamboo bridges to cross the Barandi river, which flows between the village and all the major areas like the market, nearby village, block office etc. ‘One has to cross the river in order to go anywhere outside...

IMPACT: MGNREGA workers received dues after 6 months

/ January 14, 2016

9 people hadn’t been paid for 100 days of work done under MGNREGA. 6 months later, they finally received their dues – with the help of a video that community correspondent Navita Devi made on this issue. She screened this video to mobilize the community and then to the Panchayat...

This Primary Health Centre opens only 3 days a month

/ November 30, 2015

According to Health Ministry guidelines Primary Health Centres(PHC) are to be operational 24×7. However,  the PHC in Baura village of Katihar district Bihar, is open only 2-3 days a month. As a result residents have to travel as far as 25 km to avail basic healthcare facilities. Residents say that...

Electric Poles Installed but No Electricity

/ October 16, 2015

Turki, Falka, Katihar, Bihar | Navita Devi More than 1000 people still do not have access to electricity in Bihar’s Turki village. Electricity poles were erected 5 years yet the villagers suffer in darkness. Correspondent Navita talks to the community about living without electricity and discusses how this problem can...

Impact – People got their Right of Work, Gerabari Basti, Bihar – Video Volunteer, Navita...

/ September 18, 2015

Over 50 people of Gerawari Basti were unable to work under various government schems because of the lack of labour cards. Unaware of the procedure, they approached Navita Devi, our Community Correspondent, to help them get employment. Navita, on the behalf of villagerswrote an application to the PRS (poverty Reducing...