Community Correspondents

Indu Devi

Indu is a VV-PACS Correspondent from Bakhri, Bihar. She is driven by an energy to learn new things and do something different from the rest of her community. Her desire to do more has found her involved in a number of issues that her community faces on a daily basis. These include getting access to work under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Actand enabling the elderly in her community to reap the benefits of schemes like pensions.

Videos from Indu

Unattended Broken Bridge caliming lives

/ February 7, 2016

“Had there been a bridge, incidents like this would not have happened” shares Rajesh Sada , a resident of Bagban village in Bihar as he recounts the consequences of a bridge lying unattended and broken since 2007. Years have passed since the bridge in Bagban village broke down. And it...

Violations of the RTE Act in Bihar

/ November 13, 2014

The government middle school in Garahi village has 454 students but only 7 teachers. A direct violation of the Right to Education (RTE) Act, which mandates a student teacher ratio of 30:1, is, however, not the only problem at this school. Community Correspondent Indu Devi reports on the violations of...

Brutalities in Bihar: Raped, Murdered and Disposed Off

/ September 9, 2014

Ever since the horrific incident of December 16 in the capital city, there has been a surge in reporting cases of gender violence. This surge, however, hasn’t done much to stop the acts of inhumane brutalities. In Begusarai district of Bihar, earlier this year in April, an 11-year-old girl was...

Justice Denied: A case of casteism in Bihar

/ September 8, 2014

News reports from Bihar are scarcely positive, thanks to decades of incompetent and ignorant administration. The hope of development, on the basis of which Nitish Kumar was elected the chief-minister back in 2005, started to decay slowly and is non-existent today. Worse still, discrimination on the basis of caste still...