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Shabnam Begum

Shabnam Begum

Shabanam Begum- Cholapur Village, Varanasi District, UP Born on 7 March 1989 to a Muslim family in the Varanasi, Shabanam was always socially excluded. She comes from a background where gender discrimination is at its peak. She actively partakes in various trainings at Sahbhagai Shikshan Kendra and helps to conduct them as well. Shabanam works with the NGO KishoriGPS spreading awareness on gender equality and women rights. She mobilizes the community and outcasted women by spreading awareness and inspiring them to attend various workshops. These workshops are organized by the NGO Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra, which organizes various workshops on various issues and training on self reliant jobs mobilizing the backward communities. Shabanam was inspired when she attended one of the workshops at SSK Varanasi, and she joined with the organization so that more people can benefit from the endeavor. She is a good communicator and easily adapts to the situation. She experienced discrimination for being a Muslim in her region from an early age ,which she tells has reduced in recent years. But the gender bias still continuous to erode women of their basic rights. She tells that it is a very common practice in her community and she has been trying to make women aware of their rights, but the malpractice continuous to prosper in the veil of customs and religion. Shabanam’s prime motive behind the community correspondent training was to empower herself so that she can display the issues she encounters in her community and influence women to take charge of their lives and their rights to a free life. She hopes to bring an impact in her society if not eradicate the issue completely, that may at-least push the society towards the right path .

Videos from Shabnam

A Movement for Child Rights in Uttar Pradesh by Children

/ May 26, 2017

Varanasi's weaving community's children are becoming the bastions of child rights in Uttar Pradesh as they fight against child labour and early marriage.

Bend it Like Poonam: Adolescent Girls Challenge Patriarchy on the Football Field

/ April 3, 2017

Mahila Swarojgar Samiti is helping teenage girls in Varanasi shape their identity and be more confident about their sexuality through football.


Every home get toilet in Jagdishpur

/ February 10, 2017

80% of the households of Jagdishpur village of Uttar Pradesh did not have access to toilets.  Villagers had to defecate in open fields. Especially women had to wait until dark to go out. Villagers had encounters accidents with wild and poisonous animals. Community correspondent Shabnam filmed this issue and the...

Act like a Man, Act like a Woman – Roles defined by Gender

/ January 24, 2017

Twenty-six-year-old Parvez casually slaps his wife Shabana, 23, on her head while saying, “A woman is a woman and a man is a man. The very language tells you that the position of a woman is below that of a man”, he says. He underscores that the relationship between a...