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Bharti Kumari

21-year-old Bharti is from Dhanbad, the coal capital of India. Before joining Video Volunteers, she was working as a teacher at a sewing centre run by an NGO. Her inclination towards social work and fighting for community rights came early. At a young age, she joined protests against Koleri mines that came up near her village. Having seen the areas in and around Dhanbad up close, Bharti wants to expose the underbelly of India's development story, and especially the story of her community. She also feels that government employment schemes have not delivered all that they have promised and wants to tackle the issue through her videos. 

Videos from Bharti

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Jharkhand Health Centre Constructed A Decade Ago But Never Got Operational

/ April 15, 2021

Despite having a health centre, people have to travel 15 kms away for any emergency.

Sindoor: Symbol of Marriage or Misogyny?

/ August 2, 2017

From tax reforms to Bollywood movie tropes to everyday realities-- there is no escaping the symbols of marriage that only apply to women.

IMPACT | Vaccination resumed in Pipratand, Jharkhand

/ October 12, 2015

Pipratand village, Dhanbad, Jharkhand | Bharti Kumari For over a year, administration of vaccinations had come to a halt at the Anganwadi centre in Pipratand village. Women had to travel to the faraway PHC in Baghmara for vaccinations. Community Correspondent Bharti Kumari reported the matter through a video, screened it...

You can’t Deliver Your Baby Here, The Roof May Collapse Any Moment

/ February 9, 2017

Crumbling infrastructure at a state-run health facility keeps pregnant women from availing healthcare services here. With a roof that leaks during the monsoon and no functional toilets, both frontline health workers and patients find it difficult to use. Bharti Kumari Reports from Telmocho village, Dhanbad district, Jharkhand

School at the Risk of Collapsing due to Mine Blasting

/ January 17, 2017

A regular class in Kujuma Government School is interrupted with a deafening blast. The walls shook and the ceiling threatened to fall down. But in five minutes later, it was a usual business for the 40-50 children studying in the government primary school. This is not a warzone, this is...

Struggle for Salt and Rice – A widow’s wait for pension

/ August 9, 2016

Naima Khatun, a widow from rural Jharkhand used to survive on a meagre meal of salt and rice, all thanks to her widow pension of Rs. 400. “I used to work for other people in exchange for food but after getting the pension, life was easier,” recalls Naima, as she...

Since 10 years, “Anganwadi still under Construction”

/ May 20, 2016

“It is very difficult for them to eat, play and store their belongings.” This is the story of 30 children who are denied quality space due to an Anganwardi building left half incomplete for 10 years in Simra village of Jharkhand. Ten years ago, the construction of this Anganwadi building...

With 9 different grains & blessings: an unusual festival for women in northern India

/ August 28, 2015

Padugada village, Dhanbad, Jharkhand | Bharti Kumari Karma and Jitiya festivals are very important to the Kurmi community. Unmarried girls pray for their brothers during Karma which is celebrated around August 11, while Jitiya, which is the occasion for married women to pray for the well-being of their children, follows...