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Rakesh Khanna

Barwani is a beautiful town in Madhya Pradesh called ‘The Paris of Nimar’ for its architectural and scenic splenetic. But for Correspondent Rakesh Khanna it is also land where many struggles are being fought fervently but they remain unheard. He has been an activist since the age of 14, when he participated in Narmada Bachao Aandolan (Save Narmada Movement) and worked closely for ensure resettlement of those displaced by the dam. With IndiaUnheard, he wants to bring these millions of unseen struggles to light and make sure that the noise they make is being heard.

Videos from Rakesh

Hospital digs Graves of Women Children

/ July 8, 2011

Dhuna Bai, a tribal woman from Barwani district, Madhya Pradesh is very angry. Last December, gross negligence by medical authorities in the district hospital, a government appointed 24 hrs delivery and mother child care centre, resulted in the death of her 22year old daughter-in-law Byapari Bai. It was the 25th...

Unemployed Pay Bribes for Jobs.

/ January 26, 2012

MGNREGA in Rajpur, M.P., defrauds the unemployed.

Hospital Digs Graves of Women & Children

/ July 8, 2011

No doctors and no care for Pregnant tribal women and their children in Barwani, M.P.

Villagers Desperate For Water

/ May 25, 2011

The scarcity and unhealthy state of water in Ujawani puts the inhabitants in an hazardous situation.

Narmada: Land At Last

/ March 18, 2011

113 tribal families are rehabilitated after 30 years of struggle against the dam project in Chirodh.

Marchers Protest Dam

/ May 21, 2010

The Sardar Sarovar Dam project has already displaced thousands in the Narmada River Valley.