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The challenges of being a transgender person began in her teenage years for Christy Raj when she was banished from home after confronting her family with her sexual identity. Rescued from an uncertain fate by a group of eunuchs who embraced her as part of their family, Christy was eventually exposed to, and dismayed by, harassment and other harmful behavior wrought by the sensationalism and broken promises of identity protection by mainstream media. Now, as an IndiaUnheard Community Correspondent, Christy is regarded as a trustworthy media spokesperson for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer communities and works towards exposing and addressing the discrimination they face.

Videos from christy

VV Correspondent Joins Hands With ‘Super Moms’ To Provide Relief to Bangalore Transgenders

/ June 1, 2021

Christy Raj joined hands with a Bangalore based group to distribute ration kits to transgenders in the city.

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Why the Trans Rights Bill 2018 Sparked Protests Across India

/ January 3, 2019

The passing of the Trans Rights Bill, 2018 by the Lok Sabha sparked off protests across Bengaluru and New Delhi. 

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A Model for Trans* Inclusivity

/ March 6, 2018

An organisation in Bangalore leads the way in building an inclusive working space for its transgender employees.

LGBT Community in India Demands Rights & Dignity

/ March 7, 2012

The LGBT community reflects on their place in today’s India.

New Life for Disabled Transgender

/ May 31, 2011

26-year-old Kiran starts a new life in Bangalore after fleeing discrimination in her village in Andhra Pradesh.