Community Correspondents

Anita Dhurve

Anita Dhurve is a member of the Gond tribe and a Community Correspondent.

Her tribe is scattered in various parts of Madhya Pradesh, and she herself comes from a place which does not have basic amenities like transport. Her community is void of medical facilities and the schools are too far to commute daily. She is a member of Pararth Samiti which aims to provide non-discriminatory access to rights to basic services such as health and nutrition.

At first, one can find Anita to be quiet and shy. But once she opens up, her enthusiasm engulfs everyone around her. She is a daily wage earner at a construction site and makes 3000Rs monthly. She also takes care of her family of four. She has experienced domestic violence personally and is now advocating for gender issues and domestic violence. Children are also very close to her heart, and she works extensively on advocacy and awareness of children’s issues like meals, health and polio, the latter on which she has done an awareness campaign.

She challenges herself to keep stimulating her community to demand their rights and access to proper healthcare and nutrition. There are innumerable instances where people have gravely suffered and sometimes even lost their lives due to the absence of it. The far located school coupled with the absence of roads makes it a tedious task for the children in her community to go to school daily. Most of them leave or miss school because of this reason. There is also a lack of clean drinking water which again becomes a health hazard. Anita despite being relatively new to the activist field has got immense potential and enthusiasm that encourages her to overcome all the difficulties on her way to help her community and people.

Anita was the shyest and quiet member at the training but once she realised that this can help her community grow and develop in a way that was unknown to her, she overcame the barriers and completed the training with fly colours. She hopes to bring the access to basic rights and amenities to her community by instigating, influencing and impacting with the help of the camera. She hopes to achieve her target of a medical facility in her village by the end of this year.

Videos from Anita

Muddy Monsoon Mayhem

/ May 23, 2014

Imagine having to sludge your way through 1 km. of wet mud everyday to get to school.  Imagine arriving all dirty and being sent back home by the teacher.  Imagine the authorities not doing anything about the dirt track that is the main road in your community.  This is the...

Deliberately Delaying the Supply of Rations

/ April 4, 2014

The students of Government Primary School of Bhodiyapani village, Tamia block, Chhindwara district, Madhya Pradesh were given a paste of salt and chilli with flatbread in the name of food for two consecutive days. The teachers and students speak about the quality of mid day meals being provided. VV-PACS Correspondent Anita...