Community Correspondents

Halomuni Kuardar

Halomuni grew up dreaming to change the conditions of the school in her village in Sundergarh district, Odisha. Right after college in 2010, she attended a public hearing to save her village from being evicted to make way for Rungta Mines. It made her see things in a broader perspective. With an eagerness to understand the issue better, she went on to do an internship with BIRSA Mines Monitoring Centre, Ranchi and is now an active member of an anti-mining organisation in her village. She is determined to highlight the real picture of her village and use video as a medium to bring about change.

Videos from Halomuni

Misery of Changing Roads

/ April 7, 2015

23rd March 2015 | Kheramuta, Sundergarh District, Odisha | Halomuni Kuardar The residents of Lanjiberna, Bihaband and Kheramuta villages in Odisha have been protesting the presence of OCL India’s limestone and dolomite mines in their area. The densely populated area has been facing multiple problems because of the mines. In...

Right to Education is the Right to Life

/ August 20, 2014

Rakesh Lakra is a 3rd standard student at the Bihaband Primary School in Odisha’s Sundergarh District. He worries that if things continue as they are, he will not be able to learn much at school. With only one teacher, there is little discipline or teaching and chaos reigns supreme. A...