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Savita Rath

Savita Rath

Savita has come a long way since when she was brought up as a quiet mouse in an oppressively parochial upper class neighbourhood under the iron hand of her father. When she realized that there was a wide world outside her house which she had never experienced, she rebelled. She spent the next turbulent decade mired in activism. As a leader of many popular movements against the unjust practices of the corporate and the state in the distressed region of Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, she has frequently faced arrest and harassment at the hands of the authorities. But Savitha is unperturbed. She describes ‘video’ as yet another tool to further her and her community’s struggles and get their issues heard aloud and across the world.

Videos from Savita

A Tribal Affair – Jhara community demands ST status

/ August 13, 2014

The Jhara community of Chhattisgarh is in all aspects a tribal community. Their art also exemplifies that of the Bastar tribals. The Jhara community makes beautiful art sculptures primarily out of molten metal. Their art has been recognized by the government of India and continues to feature in government exhibitions...

Pachyderms cause Panic in Rural Raigarh

/ April 25, 2014

The people of Eastern Chhattisgarh are caught in up a chaos they have no wish to be a part of. Their homes & fields are regularly damaged by marauding elephants. In this video, Community Correspondent Savita Rath attempts to get to the bottom of this brouhaha. Hailing from the mineral...