Community Correspondents

Anastasia Tigga

Anastasia is a Community Correspondent and mother of two.

She lives in Balumath of Latehar, a region densely populated with Oraon communities. She joined VV in June 2014 as a Community Correspondent for her neglected community. In her early days, she was hesitant that if people will not help, then how would she manage to make a video. But her apprehension vanished when she tried to raise the issues of Anganbadi and the support just poured in. She is now regarded as a community representative, and even government officials recognise her by name and give her due respect for taking initiatives on resolving public matters.


Videos from Anastasia

Dirty Water Takes Lives every monsoon

/ March 17, 2015

17th March 2015 | Chitrapur, Latehar District, Jharkhand | Anastasiya Tigga 12 families from Chitrapur village are face the threat of serious water-borne diseases because of a broken well. The water in the only well in the village becomes unusable each monsoon. The torrents of rain wash down the dirt...