Community Correspondents

Sujit Singh

Born and brought up in Nagrakhata Tea Estate, Sujit comes from a migrant Rajput family of farmers from Bihar. He spent his younger days terrorizing his teachers or traipsing through the tea gardens. Growing up was confusing, as he was one of the few non-tribal residents of the tea-estate. Sujit saw and experienced the tea worker’s fight for rights first hand, and decided to join Progressive Plantation Workers Union (PPWU) (a union of Tea Estate workers) in 2012. In less than a year, Sujit progressed to becoming the core organizer for the Union. Adored by his people, Sujit believes in keeping clear of politics, and focusing only on the community’s needs. He has a keen interest in photography and has already documented the tea workers appeals for rations, housing, health benefits, and is looking forward to tackling issues like lack of roads, electricity, non payment of salaries, and politically backed trade unionism in the estates which only hindershis community’s claims to their rights.

Videos from Sujit

Apparently, this is a ‘Road’ in West Bengal

/ March 23, 2016

Potholes are an everyday occurrence on Indian roads – big or small in most cities and villages. In big cities, when one finds such stretches of road travelers take an alternative route but what if there are no alternative routes? For 11,000 inhabitants of a village called Nagrakata in West...