Community Correspondents

Sangeeta Thakur

Sangeeta is a VV-PACS Correspondent from Raisen district, Madhya Pradesh. Her personal struggles with financial instability haven’t kept her from working for a better quality of life for the people in her village. As a part of the Women’s Group of her village she constantly tries to motivate other women to raise their voices against injustice. She feels that government employment schemes have not delivered all that they promised and wants to pursue the issue through her videos.

Videos from Sangeeta

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Nal Jal Yojna Failed to Provide Safe Water Supply in MP’s Dhilwar Village

/ March 13, 2019

Three years since the launch of Nal Jal Yojna in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhilwar village, 355 families are still accessing water from one tap.

Veterinary Hospital without a Doctor

/ September 9, 2016

Veterinary Hospital without a Doctor! It has been one year since a veterinary hospital has been constructed in Madhya Pradesh. Despite doctors being posted for the job, this vacancy is not being filled. As a result, the residents of the area are not being able to get proper treatment for...

Horrors Unfold as Doctors Remain Absent

/ April 11, 2014

In Padariya village of Raisen Block, Madhya Pradesh, there is a Health Centre was built for a population of 700 people. The community celebrated the inauguration that took place on 20th of September in 2012. Two years later, this same community is now beyond frustration; on almost every occasion they...