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Waman Patil

Waman Motiramji Patil is from the Brahmanwada District in Amravati. He belongs to the Dalit community and to the land rights-farm labour association. He lives together with his wife, brother, sister in law and two nieces. His motivation to work for the social effort came after the discrimination and forced eviction of his whole family from their village after his brother married a girl from a different caste. Having studied political science and knowledgeable about his rights from the Indian Constitution he was motivated to work to elevate discrimination. For India Unheard he would like to shoot on issues related to suicide among farmers due to mental stress or illness. The reason being due to his work with the NGO Prakriti for the last four years which works on similar issues. He is very excited to combine visual/audio imagery to the work he does as he feels it is a better medium to portray the reality suffered by the masses.

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Village Community Paves Way for Forest Conservation

/ January 31, 2018

In parts of Maharashtra, Adivasi communities, aided by NGOs, are coming together to reclaim their community forest rights. Here's one such success story.