Community Correspondents

Musheer Ul Haq Manhas

Community Correspondent Musheer ul Haq Manhas comes from Shopian district and belongs to the minority Pahari community. Musheer has been documenting land grabs done by the army, where pastureland has been encroached unlawfully. He has taken this documentation to various politicians and media houses searching for answers;he hopes that highlighting the issue via community media will finally lead to some. Musheer has also been actively involved in working within the Pahari community, identifying people in need of aid, those who live below poverty line and widows, and disbursing this as required.

Videos from Musheer

Kashimiri Girls Face All Odds for an Education

/ June 30, 2015

30th June 2015 | Karewa Manloo Village, Shopian District, Jammu and Kashmir | Musheer Ul Haq Students at the Government Girls’ Upgraded School in Shopian face bizarre circumstances in trying to get an education. Some are cramped into a kitchen converted to a classroom, others wait their turn for classrooms...

Documenting the Aftershocks: Village in Kashmir cries for compensation

/ December 24, 2014

Floods that hit Kashmir earlier this year, destroyed the crops of Krechapathri village in Shopian district. Community Correspondent Musheer ul Haq Manhaas reports on the damage caused by water and the troubling conditions faced by locals. The Assembly Elections that will conclude on Friday have delayed the rehabilitation drive following...