Community Correspondents

Avdhesh Negi

Avdhesh Negi, from Solan, Himachal Pradesh is a disillusioned young man. His family migrated from the village to city in search of a better life but according to him, in spite of all the hardships they endured, they never found what they were looking for. Solan is supposed to be the one of the richest cities in the state but at night, there are tiny single beds shared by more than three people. He thinks the mainstream news is only for the rich and powerful and as a Communit Correspondent, he stands against it speaking out for the common people, for the real picture.

Videos from Avdhesh

Row your sick self to hospital

/ June 12, 2014

For past 10 years Baihna Jatan Panchayat has been without adequate health facilities.  Imagine being ill and having to muster the energy to cross the dangerous river because no roads, transport or ambulance are available to take you to the nearest hospital.  Worse still, during the night, no motorboat operates,...

Water for Cities, Woe For Villages

/ June 5, 2012

Himachal village’s plea for water goes unheard.

Every Kinnauri Shawl is a Prayer

/ February 6, 2012

Kinnaur’s identity is expressed in Colors and Patterns.

Youth Lose Lives in Dangerous Waters

/ October 31, 2011

No safety for unsuspecting swimmers in Solan district

Student Elections Turn Violent

/ October 5, 2011

Student election campaigns in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, have increasingly been associated with rioting and hooliganism.

Wandering Tribe, Grounded Dreams

/ July 7, 2011

In Solan, the blacksmith community lives an impoverished life, in spite of its hard work.

Injured Electrician Fights For Compensation

/ June 13, 2011

In Solan, Jag Bahadur hasn’t received any compensation after being electrocuted.