Anupa Parte

Anupa Parte- Saup Village, Bichiya Block, Mandala District, MP Born 5 January 1979, she inherited farming as her prime occupation. She is part of the Gond tribe that is found majorly in MP. She is the leader of the workers group in her native village Saup and helps to make applications for pensions, widow schemes, MNREGA jobs and payments. She also works with the Gramodyog Sansthan to help develop micro businesses and push forward the rural community. She helps advocate on tribal issues and ongoing government programs and schemes through the Adivasi Vikas Manch program. She hails from a community where education and health are the prime issues among gender discrimination and property entitlement. Personally Anupa is very light hearted and she likes to laugh and make others laugh as well. She has 7 members in her family whose aggregate monthly income is mere 5000 Rs. She works at her farm to sustain her livelihood 10/12 months. She tells that it’s really hard to sustain in the futile amount that she is able to make along with her family and she continues to make efforts to find more options to support her family. This opportunity not only provides her with an alternative income but on the parallel will help her to fight against the odds in her society. Alike Saup, Mandala has many villages which lack in quality education. Most of the places lack government schools while few of those which do have the facility, don’t exactly follow proper system. Regularity of teachers, quality of mid day meal, quality of education and discrimination are the major issues in schools in her area. Health is a basic amenity but due lack of medical facility and awareness among her community, it has emerged as a major issue. She tells that when she came for the training she had no idea about anything she has learnt here. Most importantly, her knowledge has increased regarding issues that plague the society and are rendered unknown in the rural areas. She ended up distributing her own lunch among the children of the village she visited for her field work. This experience gave her new outlook on poverty and exposed her to the real condition of the backward areas where even one time’s meal is not definite. Anupa hopes to achieve her goals of developing and improving the current scenario in her community. She says that with the help of camera she’ll put forward all the issues and hopes to resolve them bringing a change in her community.