Community Correspondents

Jayanti Naik

Jayanti is an activist associated with a number of movements such as Jungle Bachao and Mines Hatao. She comes from Keonjhar district in Odisha, an area where the people are heavily dependant on the forest land. That this land is going to be taken over to make way for mines is a mater of great concern for her community. She says she will use the skills that she has gained through years of farming to help find a solution to this problem. Through her videos she wants to empower her community and bring their voice to the rest of the world.

Videos from Jayanti

No Studies, Only Food And Games at This School

/ May 13, 2015

Gajipur Village, Kendujhar District, Odisha | Jayanti “We play, eat the food cooked at school and go home,” says Maini, of her day spent at this primary school. With only one teacher to look after five classes, the children do not spend any time learning. The crumbling infrastructure of the...