Community Correspondents

Basanti Hunni Purti

Basanti Hunni Purti comes from the West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand which is currently a part of the Red Corridor. Since her joining in 2013, Basanti Hunni Purti of Bandgaon, Chaibasa has raised the issues of water problem, old age pension, Indira awas, and school education and finally earned a name in locality. Now people treat her as a true representative of community. She feels that leadership quality has infused her and she can represent her community at local forum, be it cultural issues or devising a solution for her community at block level. She had worked in a local NGO before but she feels this work empowers her more as she does not only meet people but also the officials, and together they create solutions for the society. In Gram Sabha meetings, people regard her work as exemplary and often look towards her for resolving public issues.

Videos from Basanti

What will happen if there is no water?

/ September 6, 2016

What will happen when there is no water? The acute scarcity of water in Jharkhand has brought its citizens face to face with this apocalyptic situation. As the state’s water sources dry up, residents of many villages are being forced to use contaminated water.  Basanti Hunni takes viewers to Urikel, a village...

A long wait for the old-age pension

/ June 7, 2016

Sumi Hunni Purti, 62, was an independent old woman from the village of Patrade in the state of Jharkhand. The last surviving member of her family, Sumi had been proudly sustaining herself with the Rs. 200 old-age pension that she was entitled to under the National Old Age Pension Scheme....

Struggling for Old Age pension since 4 years

/ January 19, 2016

70-year-old Kairi Bodra stopped receiving her old age pension 4 years ago. Alone, Kairi has to take care of all the household work and monthly expenses. She sustains herself by making brooms as her old age restricts her from doing anything else. When she inquired about the pension, she was...

Proactive grannies need your Proactive Support

/ July 11, 2014

Robbed of their pensions.  Government negligence.  Old and left with no other option but to work the land.  Shame.  Imagine your grandmother breaking her back in the fields so she can feed herself.  Disgraceful shame.   “In the time of sowing seeds in the farms we work in the Munda...

“If we don’t tie her, she runs away.”

/ June 26, 2014

Father, “If we don’t tie her, she runs away.”This is the sad reality of Parvati Oriya, the disabled girl who is tied up to a post at home day in day out.  The Government of India has failed yet again to provide her with disability benefits or support.   Call...

Social exclusion stands in the way of Indira Awaas Scheme

/ June 25, 2014

Imagine living in a plastic shed because the government scheme you are eligible for is not being given to you.  This is the reality for Gabriel Bodra and his family.  The Indira Awaas (Housing) Scheme is a 1985 Indian government initiated social welfare programme created to provide housing for the...