Community Correspondents

Surendra Sharma

Up until a few years ago, Surendra used to lead his panchayat in Aurangabad, Bihar. Although he moved from local self governance to community journalism, he continues to be an important figure in the panchayat, now using its decision-making mandate and resources, alongside his videos, to address the issues that people in his village face. Surendra is also an active member of the Bihar Ambedkar Students' Forum (BASF). 

Videos from Surendra

Citizen Action helps Council Members Receive Due Salary

/ September 15, 2016

Every village in India that has a population of at least 300 people, is governed by a Panchayat, whose members are elected from among the villagers. These elected leaders oversee local affairs ranging from road construction and sanitation to education and maintaining civil records. The Panchayats are, so to speak,...

Toddy makers of Bihar wary of selling country-beer after alcohol ban

/ August 23, 2016

For thousands of people, mostly men, in rural Bihar, toddy is regarded as the poor man’s beer. Toddy, locally called Tadi, is considered as a natural juice,made from the sap of palm tree. It has been a favourite of villagers who throng toddy-makers in the evening to drink the mildly...

Inactive Sub-health Centre in Bihar turned into a store-room

/ August 23, 2016

Ram Subhagram’s polio-stricken father withers in pain as he lies in the sub-health centre in Pranpur, Bihar hoping that a doctor comes to visit him soon and relieves him of the pain. But Ram knows that the wait is indefinite. While Health Ministry guidelines state that a sub-health centre is...

Council members serving without wages in Mahuawa, Bihar | Surendra Reports for Indiaunheard

/ July 15, 2016

“I had medical ailments to take care of, my child’s fees to take care of; but due to these arrears, I was unable to do anything,” recalls Ramlanga Bhuiya, a council member of Mahuawa Panchayat in Bihar state. Fourteen council members of the Mahuawa Panchayat were not paid their monthly...