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Raju Parteti

Born on 5 October 1988, He comes from a tribal region called patalkot which is shielded from all sides by hills and is mainly populated with the Gond tribe. He strives to spread awareness among the locals about and eliminate the issues surrounding his community. There are many issues in his community. Government schemes are never operational in his area. There is scarcity of drinking water. In summers there is no water at all, and specifically harmful for the farmers as there is no water to irrigate and cultivate their crops. His village does not have proper sanitization or any toilets. The sewage also is responsible for various health hazards that the community has to suffer. The funds from the government and from the various development societies follow the trickle-down theory and never reach the people. Raju earns a mere 1000Rs doing a handful of jobs. His family occupation is farming which due to water issues is highly unstable. He has 4 family members to sustain within his personal and farming income. While doing this he also works with the PARARTH Samiti to reduce malnutrition, infant mortality and maternal mortality in his community. Raju tells us that most the issues in his community and region are because of deep rooted corruption. He wishes to isolate each issue and target it one by one slowly removing all the corruption in his region. With his camera he intends to achieve his goals a lot sooner bringing change in his community.

Videos from Raju

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‘Road Nahi Toh Vote Nahi,’ Say Residents of MP’s Bhodiyapani.

/ April 8, 2019

The residents of Jamdhana, Madhya Pradesh are abstaining from voting in the elections this year. They are saying, “Road nahi toh Vote nahi.”

Failed crops due to heavy rain in Hirri village, Madhya Pradesh

/ December 22, 2015

Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara district has a village, Hirri, nestled within it under Dobe panchayat. Nearly 65 families live here in Hirri. One day all of a sudden it began to rain heavily for nearly two hours. Many of the villagers here have lost their crop because of this rain. ‘The...

One hand pump for 150 families in Madhya Pradesh | Raju Parteti reports for IndiaUnheard

/ November 20, 2015

A hundred and fifty families from a village in Madhya Pradesh need to walk 2 kilometres everyday to fetch water each day. The women and children walk through a hilly terrain daily. The government needs to #ACTNOW and help them get the basic necessity of water.

A broken home

/ October 28, 2015

Juniya Bai amongst 40 families is the only one who has not been provided a house under IAY. You can help - ACT NOW!

Treacherous Trek To School

/ May 27, 2014

Having to travel 3km daily in the burning sun, through jungles and mountains on treacherous terrains to get to school in another town?  Breaking your arm or leg on the way?  Sound like fun?  Sound like an adventure? Welcome to the reality for children from Thana Dalel Village, Tamia Block,...

Missing : Old Age Pension

/ February 18, 2014

‘None of the village elderly have ever received old age pension in Mahuadhana area of Dobe panchayat, Tamiya block, Chindwara district in Madhya Pradesh.’ Our community correspondent Raju Parteti from the district documented the issue, taking testimonies from all the elderly in village. As per the elders, they have approached...