Community Correspondents

Kranti Murmu

Kranti was born in a small village in Dumka district of Jharkhand. She was married while she was still in 10th standard. She adores her Adivasi culture except a few strokes of patriarchy that taint picture, now and then. ‘The whole point of a community is that everybody should be together, they should help each other. People will work collectively; I like the fact that in my Adivasi community, people attend meetings on time, help each other, and even practice an ethic of sharing work in farming. However, what I don't like is that whenever there is a festival, the women are left busy cooking and can hardly participate in the singing and dancing. Even for our biggest festivals, our men folk drink and generally abuse the women. When they are not drunk, the same people can be very sweet!’ Kranti thinks that Adivasis are often sidelined or left ignored which is why problems keep stacking up as years pass. She works with the sole purpose of benefiting the community.

Videos from Kranti

Lost his leg 6 months ago, still waiting for his pension

/ January 5, 2016

‘I was returning from work and on the way, I fell off the train.’ According to the Rajya Samajik Pension Scheme, any individual who is severely disabled – 40% or above – and living below the poverty line, is provided assistance by the government in the form of monthly pension....