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Amita Tutti is a Community Correspondent and an Adivasi activist from the so-called Red Corridor. Amita's unwavering commitment to exposing the truth is inspired by her father who was poisoned to death by "upper” castes during the Adivasi land struggle. Her community has suffered for decades, caught in between the Maoist-Naxalite insurgency and police atrocities.

Amita was born and raised in Sepagara of Jharkhand where she lived a hard life and struggled to make ends meet. She had an awakening of social consciousness when she realised that the struggle for food, clothes, and shelter is also a fight against corruption, injustice, and apathy. She is now an integral part of the Jharkhand Jungle Bachao Andolan as a grassroots crusader for forest and tribal rights in her region. She spoke about her journey in front of 2000 people at THINK India in 2010, where she shared the platform with speakers such as filmmaker Anusha Rizvi and economist Arvind Subramaniam.

As a Community Correspondent, Amita’s work has been instrumental in safeguarding and asserting the rights of the many innocents in her village who are constantly accused of being ‘Naxalites’ or ‘sympathetic’ to the Naxalite cause.

She has also fought tirelessly against the discrimination and threats meted out to her community, particularly around land alienation. Through her video reports, Amita gives voice to those unheard by traditional media structures. In the village of Deyo, she filmed the government’s indifference to the region’s Gram Sabhas – local self-governments – and economically unsupportive of Anganwadi workers, caring for the health and basic education of young children.

Her camera goes where nobody else wants to go because she knows she has a voice. “Earlier, there was no one to hear us,” she says, “but today know there is an outlet where we can talk about our problems.”

Videos from Amita

IMPACT: Tribal Girl Accused of Being Maoist Rescued, Rehabilitated

/ February 24, 2015

On 29th July 2011, Magdalene, a 15-year-old girl from Mailpidi village, was walking back home after school. On her way, she was arrested by the police. “Stop pretending to be a student” the police told her as they went through her school bag and roughed her up. Her crime? Bank robbery;...

We were declared dead, but now we’re alive

/ February 18, 2015

February 18th, Salgadih Village, Khunti District, Jharkhand The National Old Age Pension Scheme provides financial security to over 19.2 million people over the age of 60 in India. For many, the small yet vital sum comes after jumping through many loopholes in the system. Community Correspondent Amita Tuti found one...

Mindless deforestation in name of development

/ January 4, 2017

Thousands of trees all over Jharkhand, many of them century-old, have been cut for road widening and infrastructure development projects of the State’s administration. Many more trees face the same fate. The citizens, including some organisations, have objected on the mindless destruction of trees, to pave way for roads in...

Pension resumed after a year

/ September 18, 2015

Khunti District, Jharkhand | Amita Tuti A senior citizen was declared dead and his pension had been stopped. VV’s correspondent took up this issue with the authorities and got pension resumed for him and many others in the village. The authorities involved, mainly the Tahsildar were very response and immediately...

BSNL employees denied salary for 8 months

/ September 17, 2015

The employees of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited( BSNL) office in Khunti district have not been getting their monthly wages for 8 months when Community Correspondent Amita Tuti made a video on them.  Prior to the video, the employees had gone on a strike when their complaints were turned a deaf...

Scheme After Scheme Fails the Electricity Dream

/ April 28, 2015

Salgadih Village, Khunti District, Jharkhand | Amita Tuti A majority of Jharkhand, the coal centre of India, comes to a standstill each evening as the sun fades away. Most villages and cities see electricity for only about 5-6 hours a day. There are still other villages where there is no...

BSNL- Pauperising People

/ March 25, 2015

25th March 2015 | Khunti District, Jharkhand | Amita Tuti In India, having a job with government institutions brings with it a sense of security- timely wages, increments and other benefits. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), a state-owned telecommunications company, has not been paying 11 people who work in the...

He Goes to Work everyday but hasn’t been paid in 18 years!

/ March 24, 2015

24th March 2014 | Gutuhatu village, Murhu Block, Jharkhand | Amita Tuti Bishu Munda is a night guard at a local memorial who, despite showing up for his job every single day for the past 24 years, hasn’t received his salary since 1996. He’s been guarding the statue of Birsa...