Community Correspondents

Jaydeb Tala

is a member of the Fishworkers’ Forum of South Bengal (Dakshin Banga Matsyajibi Forum.) Hailing from a fishing village in East Midnapore, Jaydeb’s community depends entirely on farming and fishing for their livelihood. At the Fishworkers’ Forum, Jaydeb’s key role has been to help members of the forum complete and submit necessary forms for access to government benefits. He believes education and access to technology can create giant leaps of progress for his fisherfolk community who are often cheated and lied to by middlemen and contractors. His camera helps him capture not only the harassment meted out by the Forest Department but also the appalling living conditions of his community.

Videos from Jaydeb

Two bamboo sticks make a bridge in village of West Bengal

/ May 5, 2016

Over 100 people, old and young, cross a canal over a temporary bridge of two bamboos every day in West Bengal, as their bridge is broken into half since seven months. Mothers with babies, children with heavy schoolbags and men with cycles travel undertake the dangerous bamboo-walking during the dry...