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His identity as a Kashmiri is constantly under siege between the army on one side and the terrorists on the other. In so fraught a place, the news that comes out is mostly propaganda in disguise and it becomes very difficult to know the real from the manufactured. Nadeem Andrabi wants to sift through this news and retell these stories as they actually played out. He seeks a chance at projecting a fair and clear picture of his community. He wants to go beyond the stories of terrorism and bring to light important issues like corruption which plague the land of Kashmir.

Videos from nadeem

Kashmiri Farmers Struggle Against Climate Change

/ March 21, 2012

Government dismisses local peoples’ voices on environmental rehabilitation plans

Construction Empties Kashmir’s Rice Bowl

/ December 15, 2011

Kulgam district in Jammu & Kashmir loses its rice sfields.

Bad Road Affects Villagers

/ October 17, 2011

In Rakhpora, Jammu and Kashmir, an important road lies in a very bad and unsafe condition.

Library But No Readers

/ August 8, 2011

The public library of Shopian District, Jammu & Kashmir, is almost deserted.