Community Correspondents

Luxmi Nautiyal

As an only child, Luxmi Nautiyal grew up in a protective environment, never venturing out to explore her environment alone. But once she joined IndiaUnheard, Luxmi surprised herself as well as her community by integrating so fully that she is now, as a Community Correspondent, a pioneering spirit bent on addressing environmental, educational, and children’s rights issues.

Videos from Luxmi

Persons with Autism in India Find Hope in Dehradun

/ April 12, 2017

Arunima, a Dehradun -based model day care centre finds innovative, intuitive approaches for people who suffer from Autism in India

Widows of Jolly need your help

/ August 18, 2016

Women in most parts of India face discrimination and exclusion due to the patriarchal social setting in all spheres of their lives. Widows of India, especially in rural India, face more discrimination and exclusion because with the demise of their husband because their social standing and identity are also considered...

Corruption Keeps Hungry Waiting

/ February 20, 2012

National Food Security system fails to provide for communities in Gairsson, Uttarakhand.