Community Correspondents

Sulochana Pednekar

State: GOA

Sulochana Pednekar is a Community Correspondent, a maternal health researcher and a ‎Ph.D Scholar from Siolim village of Goa.

Sulo, as we lovingly call her, has worked hard against poverty, inequality and has gained education by doing odd-jobs and getting scholarships. She continues to work hard even today, to balance community work and studies, “I mostly work on weekends as I travel to the North Goa to study on weekdays. Hence, it becomes difficult to give the community my time. Depending on the case, I try to have early morning meetings with the community.” Her inspiration is her mother, who brought up the family alone, and other women like her, that Sulochana wants to give a voice.

Sulochana is a passionate media and community health activist. She uses her role as a Community Correspondent to bridge the gap between the grassroots and civil society and spread awareness on key issues such as health, sanitation, government schemes for women and children etc.

Her major work has been on health and environment, especially women’s health and hygiene. She also is a vocal opposer against the menace of garbage in Goa. “The garbage problem in Goa is very complicated and I’ve covered it from lots of angles. For years I saw all the coverage of garbage in Goan papers is only negative, but nothing about the solutions.” She has filled this gap with her videos that not only highlighted the problem, but drove considerable impact through the promotion of sustainable solutions to the garbage problem which she exposed through documentation and interviews of those working with proven solution models. She also played an instrumental role in saving a community in Saligao from mobile tower radiation, running a citizen movement which led to the demolition of a mobile tower erected against the wishes of a community through her community video screening.

Sulo also empowers her community with video making skills so that important events can be captured even during her absence. “I keep one camera with the community for such situations,” Sulo says.

Previously, she worked with an NGO called ‘Sangath’ based in Goa. The NGO dealt with women's issues, especially around mental health of rural women. Through her association with this NGO, Sulochana has travelled widely all around Goa conducting surveys on the mental health of rural women.

Videos from Sulochana

Siolim Locals Infuriated By Teso Waterfront’s Blatant Legal Violations

/ March 21, 2015

The meandering Chapora River, the site of pink and purple sunsets and swaying coconut trees, has become a hotbed of arguments and grievances over the past few years. Local residents of Siolim Vaddy in Goa are infuriated by the multiple inconveniences being caused by Teso Waterfront, a river facing resort...

Clean Up Goa: Community wields Camera for Change

/ March 25, 2014

Most commonly identified as one of India’s top holiday destinations, Goa comes complete with its sun-and-sand picturesque world & susegad life. However, there is another side to Goa, a side that often remains forgotten by a world lulled by the hot sun & potent psychedelia of Goa. Sulochana has been...

Goa hotelier turning food waste into energy

/ May 6, 2016

Food wastage is an alarming issue in India. The onus of the food waste collectively lies on the millions of households, canteens, hotels, social and family functions, weddings, etc which throw away hundreds of kgs of food away, every day. For the past six months, Jack has installed a 4-kg...

Live Happy, Live Clean: Goa’s Residents Pitch in to Clean Up

/ July 8, 2015

Assagao, Goa | Sulochana Pednekar For over a year now, Felli Gomes and the Live Happy Team have been organising regular clean up walks on sunday mornings to get rid of the various dumpsites that have formed along the neighbourhoods of Assagao and Mapusa in Goa. With little interest from...

Garbage and Goa: Mapusa Gets its Act Together

/ July 7, 2015

Mapusa, Goa | Sulochana Pednekar The bustling city of Mapusa in Goa generates about 15-16 tonnes of waste a day, which mostly end up at the giant landfill in neighbouring Assagaon. Mapusa Municipal Corporation started a door to door garbage collection scheme of segregated wet and dry waste. This was...

Reserved: Ladies Seat

/ November 17, 2014

Last year on International Women’s Day, the government’s transport department increased the number of seats reserved for women in local buses from 4 to 8. However, not much has changed. “Women still have to stand, be pushed around and get groped while men sit back and relax”, says Community Correspondent...

Recycling Goa

/ June 30, 2014

VV-Correspondent Sulochana Pednekar films “The Sustainable Green Company” in Betki, Ponda, Goa.  Ajay Gramopadhyay started the company manufacturing eco-friendly, recyclable, biodegradable, products to help reduce garbage and motivate others to recycle.    He explains how, “We take waste paper and make pulp out of it which is molded into the...

Garbage is a major problem in Goa

/ June 30, 2014

Garbage is a major problem in Goa.  However, school children of Aldona village are making a conscious environmental effort to find recyclable solutions to it.  The Garbage Management Program was introduced by the Lion’s Club Aldona, which uses programs already in place in Canada and Ireland and brings them to...