Community Correspondents

Anand Pagare

Anand Pagare is a media activist working in one of the most sensitive areas in the country, Malegaon.

A boiling pot of communal strife, the town is in the constant grip of violence and religious tensions, but while these stories are picked up by the mainstream press, there are still atrocities that happen under the radar. Anand, born into a migrant Dalit family, chronicles the oppression within the rigid caste system, the denial of basic rights to his community, the toll that migration has on them and the fallout of communal violence on his community.

Videos from Anand

Impact: Correspondent Stops Corruption at Fair Price Shop

/ January 23, 2015

India is home to 190 million of the world’s hungry. A staggering number by any count. To combat this the government has put into place a number of schemes, most importantly the Public Distribution System. Bogged down by corruption and neglect at every level, the scheme often does not reach...

Fighting Forced Evictions: 75 Families achieve victory in Maharashtra

/ August 14, 2014

Over 15 million people are displaced annually across the world due to development projects. In this interview Community Correspondent Anand Pagare speaks of how he inspired his community to challenge the development projects undertaken by the Maharashtra Housing And Development Authority (MHADA), thus sparing more than 75 Dalit & Tribal...

Nashik Villagers Urge For A Good Road

/ August 1, 2016

While the city of Nashik is vigorously contesting to become a Smart City, Swapnil Shinde, a primary school of Nashik district walks and stumbles on a dirt road to reach the main road, from where he goes to school which is 12 km away from his village. “Since 2007, we...