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Yashodhara Salve

Yashodhara Salve


Yashodhara Salve is a Dalit rights activist and has been a part of the Video Volunteers family since 2006. She was trained by VV to work as a producer with Apna TV, the Community Video Unit of the Mumbai-based feminist organisation Akshara. Yasho, as we lovingly call her, covered the gender inequality faced by women college students and slum dwellers, such as unavailability of toilets for women in Mumbai, sexual harassment and lack of sports facilities.

During training with Video Volunteers, she met Bipin Solanki, a Community Producer with an all Dalit Community Video Unit in rural Gujarat. What began as mutual admiration for each other's work soon developed into love and then marriage and the birth of their daughter. Yasho and her husband Bipin now live in  Dhrangadhra, a town in Gujarat. Their work for Dalit rights was chronicled in a 12 minute documentary for France24.

Yasho continues to work for gender equality, awareness and justice in Dhrangadhra. She is a part of Video Volunteers' campaign #KhelBadal to dismantle patriarchy. The campaign is taking on patriarchy through stories of women and men who face, negotiate and challenge patriarchy in everyday life — at home, at work, at school, in cultural and public spaces.

Under the campaign, she makes films that capture the nuances of routine, normalised gender discrimination and to run Gender Discussion Clubs where lively, introspective conversations are happening.

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