Community Correspondents


Born in a village where there are no schools that teach past the seventh grade, Sarita Biswal had to struggle and persevere to get literate. She wants to be the Community Correspondent of her community so she can make videos on the lack of basic infrastructure which impedes all progress not just in roads and medical services but also in thought and knowledge. With her videos she hopes to campaign and bring about much needed change in her neighborhood.

Videos from sarita

Widows Exiled From Society

/ January 5, 2012

In Kochila district, Odisha, widows are ostracized by their communities.

Dirty Deals on Tribal Land

/ December 7, 2011

In Orrisa, the  Govt. and upper castes cheat Tribals of traditional Farmland

Villages Lit Up By Solar Lanterns

/ September 30, 2011

In a village in Cuttack District, Orissa, a village now has access to sustainable light after sundown due to solar technology.

Raja Festival: Three Swinging Days For Women

/ August 12, 2011

In the coastal districts of Orissa, women break away from their routine during Raja festival.

Deforestation Wreaks Havoc On Climate

/ July 21, 2011

Deforestation contributes to climate change and calamity in the Cuttack District of Orissa.

Pregnancy Ambulance Fails To Deliver

/ June 29, 2011

In Orissa, only one ambulance is available to transport all the pregnant women of one block.

Unique Tribal Wedding Customs

/ June 15, 2011

In Orissa, men and women gather and choose spouses on the spot, removing the need for a dowry.