Community Correspondents

Shahida Mir

Community Correspondent Shahida Mir is from Pulwama district. Shahida feels that one of the most under-reported issues has been that of livelihood opportunities for people living in her area, especially young, unmarried girls. At the Kashmir Geographic Eco Co-operative she carries out trainings for adolescent girls and women, teaching them income generating skills like basic computer skills. Already an experienced photographer, Shahida will bring new perspectives about Kashmir’s people to the world through her videos.

Videos from Shahida

Kashmir Flood Survivors still wait for compensation

/ December 24, 2014

As the Assembly Elections come to a close in Jammu & Kashmir, those affected by September’s floods continue to wait on relief and compensation. Will the newly formed government be able to take on this mammoth task? This report from Lelhaar in Pulwama evidences the damage done to the lives...