Community Correspondents

Amarjeet Kumar

Amarjeet is Dalit rights defender and Community Correspondent from Sadoar village, Bihar.

Amarjeet was one of the youngest and most enthusiastic participants at the IU training. He has been working actively with the Dalit Rights organisations in his village and therefore has a very good understanding of Dalit rights. Well aware of the poor quality of life many Dalits face in India even today, he wants to use his videos to highlight these issues and stop caste-based discrimination practices.


Videos from Amarjeet

Impact: Video Brings Justice to Caste Atrocity Survivors

/ February 20, 2014

As India celebrated its 66th Independence Day, the Dalits of Dandva Baddi Village were under attack from the upper caste people. Community Correspondent Amarjeet had reported the case from Rohtas District, Bihar, in his very first video. The skirmish left 54 injured and one dead. Many lost all their belongings...

Transformer burnt: Now electricity bills burning the resident of Rohtas, Bihar

/ August 5, 2015

The residents of an entire village were forced to take out a rally to the District Magistrate’s Office, holding  their dyfunct electricity meter boards. This is the story of how that incident came to be. The Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana (RGGVY) was a scheme launched by Government of India...

Impact: Justice for victims of caste based murder

/ April 30, 2015

On the 13th of August, District Collector of Rohtas district ordered that no one would be allowed to hoist a flag or do any sort of activity on the temple land that Independence Day. But that didn’t matter… As India celebrated its 66th Independence Day, the Dalits of Dandva Baddi...

Dalit Elderly: Cheated, Discriminated Against

/ February 19, 2014

More than 3000 elderly citizens from 144 villages in Rohtas District have not received any pension under the Government of India’s Social Security Scheme, which entitles the elderly to a meagre monthly amount to support themselves. Most of these men and women are unable to work anymore or are dependent...

Caste Based Violence on Independence Day

/ September 30, 2013

“On 15th August we asked you, what independence meant to you. This video, is a telling account of the level of independence many have in India 65 years after India gained Independence. Labels like Caste, gender and religion still guide people’s lives, curb their freedom, and impinge on their rights....