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Guddi Kumari

Guddi reports from Sitamarhi, Bihar. Being a former Kharbar Lahariya reporter, she has been practising journalism for quite some time now and is adept at both print and video reporting. She reports on issues of healthcare and the delivery of government facilities, and also makes videos on issues affecting the women in her community. Apart from her work with VV, she is also a support staff at the local Primary Health Centre, a centre which has been up and running ever since a "reporter" joined the place!

Videos from Guddi

Community Survey

Fed Up Villagers Boycott Voting in #BiharElections2020

/ October 29, 2020

Bihar villagers were promised drainage and roads in the last state polls. It remains an unfulfilled promise elections after elections.

Bihar’s Saat Nishchay Yojana Cuts a Sorry Picture

/ November 27, 2018

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s pet project, the ‘seven commitments’ towards development, does not reach the state’s most disenfranchised communities.

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Bamboo Poles As Electricity Poles in this Bihar Village

/ July 4, 2018

While the government blows its own trumpet claiming rural electrification milestones, the case of Brahampuri, makes one question the quality of such public amenities.

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Dowry-Related Violence Kills Over 20 Women in India Daily

/ March 5, 2018

The highest number of crimes against women in India is because of “cruelty” by the husband or his family, with a dismal conviction rate.

Disabled elders of Bihar left immobile without Tricycles

/ November 15, 2016

When nature calls, he needs to be dragged to the toilet and held, as he finishes the nature’s call. His dignity suffers as much as his body, but who will listen to an old, disabled man? At 55, Ramchandra from Koyli village in Bihar is disabled waist down because of...

Rural women left behind as village benefits from Ujvala Yojana | Guddi reports for IndiaUnheard

/ October 26, 2016

Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana aims at providing 5 Crore cooking gas (LPG) connections in the name of women for Below Poverty Line households across the country.  But in Koili village of Sitamari District of Bihar, five to seven women are still waiting for their connections. They had filled applications for...

350 Senior Citizens get their social pension after a year

/ September 1, 2016

In a far-off village in Bihar’s Rupulia village, Amaris Sada will finally be able to get his cataract surgery done which had been pending for over a year and Dadiji (Grandmother) will finally be able to have one good meal with vegetables. All this is possible because they finally received their year...