Community Correspondents

Reena Devi

Reena Devi- village Boropar, Sikkar, Barari police station, District Katihar, Bihar. Reena Devi primarily reports on issues related to gender, sexual violence, and religious minorities Reena Devi has always had large aspirations. As a young girl, she often experienced gender discrimination. She frequently heard about women in her community who survived sexual violence. Reena was discouraged from attending school and instead stayed home to work on her family’s farm. During her chores, she imagined ways to change the culture of gender discrimination and how to provide better opportunities to women. When she was older, she joined the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (Association for the Empowerment of Workers and Peasants) and became her community’s resident women’s rights activist and mobilizer of female citizens for social goals. Her reporting for VV focuses on issues that she encounters in her women’s rights work and on the issues of religious minorities.

Videos from Reena

Impact: Relief for Bihar’s Flood Survivors

/ May 16, 2014

Katihar is a district of Bihar cradled by the Mahananda, Kosi & the most revered river of India, the Ganga. Mostly dependent on agriculture, the farmers of Katihar are inundated regularly by the very waters, which sustain them. In this interview, Reena speaks of the implications of living in flooded...

IMPACT: 600 families get Ration

/ April 10, 2014

Reena joined the IndiaUnheard Community Correspondents’ team in Bihar in July 2013. She came in with a rich experience of working on issues in her community through the localJan Jagran Shakti Sanghatan (JJSS), an organization that mobilizes people to ask the government for better facilities. Since 2012, her work has...

Video Volunteers Impact: An entire village gets work under NREGA

/ July 1, 2016

Asha Devi, a farm labourer from Bihar was working hard to make ends meet with her seasonal, meagre earnings. She had no idea, that she could have a supplementary income during the non-harvest seasons through the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), an Indian labour law and social security measure...

IMPACT| Ensuring Subsidized Ration for Luxmipur, Bihar

/ December 8, 2015

The community at Luxmipur village was not receiving subsidized ration and, therefore, were forced to buy food supplies at a high price from the market. Many simply couldn’t afford and struggled to make ends meet. CC Reena mobilized the community and met with the local ration dealer. He assured that...

Fraud with MGNREGA Workers in Sikkat, Bihar

/ November 3, 2015

Sikkat, Bihar | Reena  MGNREGA workers from the village get paid by the contractor after their job is completed. These workers aren’t aware that they have bank accounts opened in the post office on their individual names. The post-master and the contractor have gotten together to swindle money out of...

On World Food Day – A starving village

/ October 16, 2015

15% of India’s 1.2 billion people, which amounts to 180 million people, still don’t get enough food each day (Source: International Food Policy Research Institute).The ration is not being distributed to Lakshmipur village in Bihar and all that the villagers hope for is some subsidised food, which is a right...

Bihar’s missing ration cards

/ October 7, 2015

Rounia, Barari,  Katihar, Bihar | Reena Devi The national food security law provides legal entitlement to subsidised food grains to two-thirds of India’s population. Bihar was hailed for being among the states that  successfully implemented the scheme. However, our ground reports tell us that majority of the beneficiaries still don’t have...

Healthcare fails pregnant women in Bihar

/ October 5, 2015

Sikkat, Katihar, Bihar | Reena Devi The pregnant women in Sikkat, Ward no. 3, Bihar are not being provided with proper healthcare facilities as expected. Their sufferings were recorded by our Community correspondent Reena Devi.Please call the Sub-divisional officer on  +91-9473191377 and ask him to immediately make sure that pregnant...