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Raju Rajesh Gore

Rajesh from Majalgaon Taluka district Maharashtra lives with his wife and two children. Coming from the Dalit community he has experienced many incidents of violence and injustice such as not being able to wear shoes on their feet in the village and having to hold them in their hands. His village has one congress party the MLA who conduct a lot of violence and injustice against the Dalit community such as abusing Dalit women. He claims that if they work on the fields they are not given their wages on time, if they ask for theit wages they are beaten. During his school days he also faced violence, his clothes were torn by children, which resulted in his family removing him from school. He took admission in a school outside the village and stayed in a hostel. In the hostel, he never experienced any type of discrimination and used to feel that outside the village there was no such discrimination and that he should make it also stop inside his village. For IndiaUnheard he wants to work on stories related to the under privileged, poor and women. He states that even today women are treated worse than Dalits, they are not able to move freely, not allowed to talk openly, if in a family a daughter has to be married she is not able to express whether she likes a boy, even the mother is not allowed to see the son-in law. Along with all these issues there are issues related to the Dalit community, in his village some people are not having right to enter the village, some cannot enter the temple, there are issues about gayran land and of education. He had many questions about how to give justice to all these people and believes through video he can achieve this, hence the reason why he joined India Unheard program."

Videos from Raju

Impact| Getting Water for Dalit Hamlet in Maharashtra

/ March 7, 2016

Under the Self Governance Scheme, the government made arrangements for clean drinking water at Warola village. But that scheme did not reach the dalit hamlet which is home to 250 families. Only the dalit community was deprived of their right to clean drinking water. ‘We have no water through out...