Community Correspondents

Shanti Baraik

Shanti Baraik

Shanti Baraik is a CC from Gumla region. Shanti emphatically says that being a community correspondent has carved an identity in the region. Earlier, she was shy and hesitated to talk to government officials. ‘Before joining VV, I thought of these issues as unsolvable and never paid any heed. Even I was of the view that these woes are just a headache for the village head. But working with VV, my understanding has changed. I now realize how all these things affect our community and why they need to be resolved as soon as possible. My empowerment came through the camera’. In early 2014, she rescued 12 migrant laborers from bonded labor in distant Goa. It was one of her exemplary works with VV.

Videos from Shanti

When your Gender Determines Your Pay

/ March 29, 2017

Why does Vinita earn less than Sandeep? The Gender Bias

Anganwadi without basic amenities and Water

/ March 2, 2017

“There is a toilet within the Anganwadi, but it is not fit for use.” The neglect faced by Moreng Uraav Ttoli Anganwadi Centre, which is...

Tribal children of Jharkhand denied Vaccinations since Three years

/ November 7, 2016

Children of Jharkhand are being denied necessary vaccinations because of the neglect of the authorities in the area. Deep in Jharkhand’s Gumla district, children have...

Impact: Widow Pension Helps Woman Take up farming in Jharkhand

/ August 29, 2016

Sikranti Devi is a rural woman’s role model today. A widow since eight years, and partially blinded, Sikranti has taken life in stride as the...

Video Volunteers Impact: Water connection restored in Tati Village

/ July 9, 2016

The hand pump had been broken for 6 months. All the sources of water accessible to the community were dirty or not working at all....

Villages Health Centre in Jharkhand closed for a year

/ February 17, 2015

February 17 2015 | Rampur, Jharkhand | Shanti Baraik The Village Health Centre in Jamidh has been closed for a year, and the doctor only...

Incorrect BPL survey vexing Somra

/ December 15, 2014

In Jamdih village of Kamadara block, Somra munda and his family of 7 is living without a roof from several months. He works in the...