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As our name suggest, Video Volunteers started off as a project to match volunteer filmmakers with NGOs needing training. Today, our volunteers are still cherished members of the VV family who have carried out crucial roles while learning about community media, India and working in the nonprofit sector. We are proud of the number of young people who have contributed to VV and then gone on to make a mark in their respective careers, often bringing a media for human rights perspective into their own work.



YOUNG PROFESSIONALS AND RESEARCHERS to help on special projects, such as research, outreach, updating our training manuals or documentation. Volunteers for New York may be able to work part-time.

PEOPLE WITH MANAGEMENT AND FINANCE SKILLS to design programs, writing impact reports, working on the business model, and look at issues like sustainability and earned income.

SOCIAL WORK OR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT STUDENTS to do impact assessment and case studies.

PEOPLE WITH INDIAN LANGUAGE SKILLS to help with translation of videos. This can even be done at a distance.

FILMMAKERS / VIDEOGRAPHERS / JOURNALISTS to make films with our Correspondents

FILMMAKERS/VIDEO EDITORS to re-edit their videos



Fill this Application Form and let us know about your interests. Find the suitable internships descriptions here. You can reach out to us by writing at info@videovolunteers.org.


We realize that volunteerism is often an activity of the privileged. Many young people want to contribute but access to funds makes that impossible. If you find yourself in this situation, VV may be able to offer you a small grant to cover your travel and living cost.

The Fund is in honor of Christina Kampfer who had come from Germany to intern with us and won our hearts with her passion and spirit. She passed away after a running a charity marathon in July 2016. Christina taught all of us powerful lessons about curiosity, exploration and passion, and with this Fund we seek to help other young people explore the world in the same way as Christina. Losing Christina was one of the hardest things the VV staff has undergone as a community, and we will never forget.

Thanks to Christina’s parents and the VV board, we have funds to support four volunteers, from India or abroad, per year. If you wish to take advantage of this Fund, send us a mail at info@videovolunteers.org after submitting your Volunteer Application Form, and we’ll explain more.

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