Community Correspondents

Lambodar Tarki

Lambodar Takri belongs to Balangir District, Odisha. Like countless others, being a Dalit has meant facing a lot of discrimination on a day to day basis. Determined to end such treatment he created an organisation for Dalit Students which would help people like him. Lambodar is also extremely passionate about folk culture and is a popular folk singer. Through his videos he wants to empower people and help them take pride in their local culture which he feels is slowly being lost with urbanisation.

Videos from Lambodar

Lost only son in gruesome instance of human sacrifice

/ October 30, 2015

On 18 July 2014 at 5 pm Bhakta Das' son went missing. Early morning on the 24th of July, he was found dead in a drain inside a small forest.

Handpumps, Bore Well, But No Water

/ March 23, 2015

23rd March 2015 | Dhandamunda Panchayat, Khaprakhol Block, Odisha | Lambodar Takri Rita Ghana, a resident of this area elaborates on how the shoddy implementation of a scheme by the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department has left thousands thirsty. Out of the 15 hand pumps originally installed, only 7...

Age-old discriminatory practices defied by Dalit woman

/ November 26, 2013

When one woman, hell bent on defying age-old discriminatory practices, teams up with a community journalist, equally eager to bring change to his community, amazing things can happen. Pushpanjali Suna works as a caretaker at the local Anganwadi (Child Care Centre) in Bharuamunda village, Odisha. Like in large parts of...