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Saroj Paraste is the Sarpanch (Village Head) of her own village, and of 69 more. She credits her role as a Community Correspondent in enabling her to reach this significant leadership position. People came to respect and depend on her her for the wide-ranging knowledge she had gained as a journalist. The fact that the villagers and other government officials elected her – a committed video activist – demonstrates how much the people of rural India want accountability. She has become someone who can not be ignored.

She was elected because she knows how to solve problems. In 2015, she led Video Volunteers’ board members through hamlet after hamlet, pointing out the hand pumps that had been installed all over the place thanks to her investigations on the water issue.

Now, as Sarpanch, her life straddles the dual roles of providing information and solving problems. And yet, she has always believed that such serious poverty exists in Madhya Pradesh particularly because of the lack of information people have about government schemes and programs and the use of government funds. As Sarpanch, Saroj has access to significant amounts of development data; as a journalist, she knows how important development data is and how much of it is corrupted in India. She is thus embarking on an innovative project with Video Volunteers and our partner IndiaSpend to start to using data journalism - and analysis of panchayat spendings - to carry out her Sarpanch duties more effectively.  If she succeeds, this project could become a model for training Sarpanch across India in data analysis.

But Saroj’s life as a woman leader is not easy and has entailed sacrifices. She has to live apart from her family. She used her first income from Video Volunteers to buy a scooter, without which she never could have had the mobility to roam through the villages helping people. Her first video for Video Volunteers was this powerful video about the water situation in the government boarding school for Tribal children that her young daughter attended. The water was so polluted that many of the children - her daughter included -  had welts and scabs all over their bodies from it. And apparently it had been like that for years. After two years of persistent follow up, Saroj finally managed to get the school’s water storage devices replaced. In mid-2016, however, tragedy struck. Saroj’s daughter drowned in the village well, while Saroj - a working woman - was away from home on assignment. It seemed a cruel irony to the staff at Video Volunteers who have loved and admired Saroj for many years, that it was water - the issue she had fought so seriously for - which killed her daughter. Saroj’s personal story and her career thus stands as a reminder for all of us at Video Volunteers of the importance of supporting heroes like Saroj, and also of the incredible cruelty of life in rural India. Video Volunteers is helping to raise funds to build a safer well in that village, and perhaps others.

Videos from Saroj

Jai Bharat Shikshan Sansthan: Towards Participatory Governance

/ January 10, 2018

In rural Madhya Pradesh, the Jai Bharat Shikshan Sansthan is helping communities get closely involved in local self-governance.

The Journey of Baiga Tribe from Malnourishment to Food Security

/ April 17, 2017

One man’s efforts to bring back traditional crops and methods of cultivation has ensured land rights and food security for an indigenous tribe.

Bogus electricity bills weigh down residents of Chhirpani

/ February 27, 2017

Electricity was disconnected due to non-payment of bills in this village, in March 2016. Recalling the events of 2015, residents share that a total of 15 families were given connection back then. However, 8 families out of these have been receiving bills since 2008. These bills come in big figures,...

A Widow and her Children are Homeless

/ December 2, 2016

Heavy rains destroyed a widow’s house in Pipariyamal, Madhya Pradesh and the administration is proving to be of no help. She and her children have been homeless for four months.  Help her get a house by calling V A Karnd, the Sub Divisional Magistrate of the area on +91 9424312042 Community...

Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan has not reached these 400 people

/ September 28, 2016

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan claims to have constructed around 80 lakhs toilets around the countryside across India yet our Community correspondent Saroj Paraste reports a completely different picture of what is happening in Madhya Pradesh’s hinterlands. Over 250 families are struggling to relieve themselves in dignity as the village’s need for sanitation...

Lasting effects of a storm in Jabalpur

/ December 2, 2014

Earlier this year in April, in Maghwan village, a storm destroyed a poultry farm that inhibited about 140 fowls, almost all of which died too. Jagannath Chaudhary, owner of the farm, has pleaded the District Officer and the Veterinary department for assistance but to no avail. VV-PACS Community Correspondent Saroj...

A stream running dry: Locals denied compensation for land acquisition

/ October 15, 2014

326 families in rural Madhya Pradesh haven’t been compensated for their lands acquired by the government  about three decades ago. The land was used for a dam project, which is not in a functioning state either. The project that was supposed to empower them, has robbed them of everything they...