Community Correspondents

Anil Gudia

Anil Gudia is a veteran grassroots level activist and Community Correspondent, who comes from Palam district in Jharkhand.

He has been involved in numerous people’s movements such as the Jharkhand Gramin Mazdoor Sangh, Vikas Sahyog Kendra and Jharkhand Human Rights Organization, among others. Since joining the India Unheard platform, he has been able to take his protest a step further; he recently made a video which documented atrocities on a Dalit woman in Garpathra village. The video created a strong impact, ensuring that legal action was taken against the perpetrators.

Videos from Anil

Corruption in Health center: Midwives made to pay INR 7000

/ April 21, 2015

Cases, where the common man has to pay bribes to get work done, is not uncommon in India. Here Community Correspondent Anul Guria documents testimonies of corruption that occurred at the Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Chainpur Block of Palamau district, Jharkhand. PHC’s are state-owned rural health care facilities in...

Stop Corrupt Practices of Anganwadi Incharge

/ June 23, 2014

Imagine a corrupt Anganwadi(health care centre) in-charge who bribes her way to receiving funds from the government without having entered the centre for 3 years!  Residents of Panchlewa village have tried to complain to the Child Development Project Officer (CDOP) about this but no action has been taken.  Chanda Devi...