Community Correspondents

Anil Jagdhane

At present we are facing the lack of drinking water both for human and animals consumption which means water is being suppied through tankers, lack of grazingland for animals, high unemployment with no employment guarantee schemes. Considering all these issues and inorder to be effective in providing impacts from my work and get these issues resolved I was eager to take full advantage of this training. Prior to the training I was not aware of how to operate and handle a video camera but since then I have learnt all the technicalities and I will continue to learn more in the future. Finally I would like to thank all the people who have provided me guidance during the training , I am grateful to them.

Videos from Anil

Bad roads obstruct education, but does the Maha govt care?

/ February 24, 2017

“My cycle’s tyre got punctured. And I got a scolding because I was late” complaints Amol Galave, who is only one among many students of Galevawadi in Maharashtra who have to commute through a road in terrible condition to reach their schools. The roads in Galevawadi of Sangola block is...

Drought-hit village in Maharashtra receives no Govt help

/ April 8, 2016

  India is facing probably the worst water crisis that the country has seen in a decade. Water levels at 91 major reservoirs nationwide having no more than 29% water, according to the Central Water Commission (CWC). In such dire times, around 100-150 residents of a small village in Maharasthra’s...