Community Correspondents


Ajit Singh is a journalist and Community Correspondent.

The prodigal son of Silchar, Assam, Oinam Ajit left the village where he was born, with its mud roads and lack of high schools and doctors and moved to the nearest city to complete his education. But once he got his degree, the village called him back. Going against the wishes of his family, Ajit became a journalist with a desire to report on how time stood still for villages like his. But he found his voice being subsumed by the mainstream media. He then found the light in community video with which he could reach into his own roots and reach out into the world.

Videos from ajit

Price Rise Hits Below The Poverty Belt

/ March 28, 2012

 Rampant inflation hits Assam’s underprivileged hardest.

Gruesome Murder of Tribal Leader

/ November 8, 2011

Babul Rongmei was killed outside his home in Assam by his rivals.

Sewage Floods in Monsoon

/ October 18, 2011

 In Assam, roads and drains get flooded every year during the rains.

No Transport For The Poor

/ August 11, 2011

In Cachar district of Assam, the lack of publicly funded transportation hassles the lives of the poor.

Tribal Students Left Behind In Assam

/ July 20, 2011

Forced to learn in the Bengali medium, tribal students in the Cachar District of Assam are falling dreadfully behind.

Corruption Beckons Unpaid Panchayat Members

/ June 30, 2011

Assamese Panchayat members do not receive any wages and struggle to make ends meet.

Roadless Village Disconnected From Development

/ May 16, 2011

Lack of Infrastructure in Bantarpur village, Assam, hampers the lives of its 40,000 inhabitants.